[ FALL '14 ]

Made entirely of hard maple and walnut, this multi-functional coffee table uses only wood joinery such as splined miters, tongue and groove connections, and biscuit joints. The maple end tables can easily be nested together when they are not in use creating a cohesive composition. When they are in use, the three pieces vary in height making them functional for different programs.



[ FALL '14 ]

This mahogany sconce was a result of a one week wooden light assignment. I designed a gentle wash of light that used offset mitered arches to ensure that the light source was never directly visible.



[ FALL '13 ]

Pedestal is a subtle lighting solution for a local wine bar in Austin. Currently the nighttime ambiance is disturbed by the excessive light provided by the TV screens, ceiling installation, and display case (shown in the pictures below). We proposed a warmer flickering light encased by layered plexi and rockite. Pedestal is also not intrusive since the current centerpieces in the bar can simply be set on the platform on the top.